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Media Analysis


We are skilled at analyzing and understanding what a business needs to be effective. We can tackle it from multiple angles and have done so for many publishers and media operations. Our services include:

Business Plan Execution and Analysis: We draft or improve your business plan to focus and target objectives, positioning your properties for growth or sale. We analyze financial statements with the latest and most powerful financial and statistical techniques, mapping them to your business imperatives. Our analysis of whether The Wall Street Journal should go to a fully ad-supported model was widely quoted, including in Business Week.

Tactical Execution: We develop digital strategy, tactics and positioning to drive your business forward months and years into the future, with evaluation of editorial, business, distribution and production, digital media and financial evaluation. Our models usually focus on mixed revenue streams.

Sales/Business Development: We help you understand and implement advertising, sales programs, business partnerships, even kits to land new revenues.

Evaluation, Recommendation: Our experts will evaluate your site and apps for usability, SEO, funnels, metrics, and more. We'll give you recommendations to improve while staying focussed on your strategic goals and editorial imperatives.

Technologies: We can help you evaluate and understand what, whether and how to implement systems and tools -- whether it's a CMS, measurement platforms, or the right type of AI and machine learning.

Whatever we recommend or implement, it's specific and proven to succeed. This isn't taste. It's testing.

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