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Publishing Strategy

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We’ve helped dozens of publishers -- from major media companies to entrepreneurial startups -- achieve success, shore up operations, improve revenues and the bottom line. We help them attract audience, improve structures, increase efficiency and devise new products.


We’ve helped technology companies understand how to act like publishers, working along the Content Value Chain to achieve their goals with the content we help them create. Companies we’ve helped position have been acquired for major multiples on their revenues.


Here's some of what we can do:

  • Full business plans (see Media Analysis)

  • Financial modeling 

  • Workflow analysis and optimization

  • Goal definition, mapped to KPIs

  • Publishing technology assessment

  • Amplification strategies

  • Audience development

  • Media measurement and analysis of various types.

Whether it’s financial management, workflows and staffing, audience acquisition, ad sales strategy, measurement, or technical operations, we’ve got you covered. We’re digital first, but know media in general.


Dorian, our founder, also helps run The Verticals Collective, a group of publishers of vertical (a.k.a. subject-focused) media. Whether you're advertising or subscription-based, or other forms of revenue such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing, or events, we know how it works and can assess what's working and help you build toward success.

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