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Parallel Lines

Why Us?

A national news organization needed help attracting and engaging people through social media in defined geographic regions. We built and launched customized “social media command centers” to efficiently create, monitor and manage accounts. We also installed and optimized analytics and measurement tools.

Results included high levels of uptake in the defined communities on those platforms, increased audience on their main sites, and implementation of processes and workflows.

Case Studies

Some more of our successes. We:

  • Helped a large technology-oriented Web publisher develop and build a highly effective small business section on their site.

  • Helped a fashion industry Web and email publisher create and launch new products, develop and measure audience, grow its lists, achieve new revenues and further engage its community.

  • Helped a trade magazine publisher understand and develop metrics for existing and potential new Web properties.

  • Developed new subscription, video and free Web products for a large media industry Web and events company.

  • Created and developed targeted and profitable events for numerous industry publishers and groups.

  • Created an entire knowledge center for a fast-moving measurement company that's a leader in media technology.

  • Helped a major media technology company achieve certification worth millions of dollars.

  • Created and executed sales and marketing plans for a major media business media property. We created their entire ad sales operation and helped them increase audience 10% per month for years.


Satisfied Clients

Founder's Bio

Our founder, Dorian Benkoil, is a multiple award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent (for ABC News, Newsweek and The Associated Press), a Fulbright Fellow (Sophia University, Tokyo), an honors MBA graduate (Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York), and a graduate of Stanford University. He constructed and teaches courses in Media Management and Business to business and journalism graduate school students at Columbia University and at Zicklin. He constructed Zicklin’s digital marketing curriculum, and, for Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, a course called Innovations in Media Business Modeling. He has also taught courses in eBusiness and journalism at multiple levels.


Dorian manages large-scale and entrepreneurial publishing and content operations, including sales and marketing campaigns. He has attracted millions of new visitors to multiple Web properties across disciplines and content types and been responsible for millions of dollars in additional revenues. He has also developed and executed business strategies for publishers and media technology companies, and led the creation of content strategies for major media, technology and advertising companies as well as startups and experimental ventures. Dorian regularly publishes in industry outlets such as Campaign and Digiday. He helps lead the Verticals Collective, a group of subject-focused publishers and oversees their newsletter. He is a top-tier judge of Syracuse University Newhouse School’s Mirror Awards. Dorian loves cross-country skiing, hiking, tennis, yoga, and cooking (but not long walks on the beach). He speaks English, French and Japanese, and studies Spanish and Chinese. He has lived internationally and now lives in Jackson Heights, NY, said to be the most diverse neighborhood in the U.S.


Teeming Media’s team includes executives who have worked with major business, advertising and publishing concerns, consultancies, universities, broadcast and cable television networks and other leading information, entertainment and consumer products goods companies, and fast-moving startups.

Catch Dorian’s writing and speaking at:


  • @DBenk

  • Campaign Live

  • The Verticals Collective Newsletter

  • LinkedIn

... and many more.

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